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Have you seen the movie French Kiss? It isn’t one of Meg Ryan’s more popular romantic comedies, but there’s a fantastic scene where Kevin Kline’s character, a somewhat questionable Frenchman, shows her his wine aroma kit and how the various scents affects the taste of a glass of wine. He demonstrates to Meg’s character that by smelling a particular herb or even some soil, the flavor in the wine becomes distinct, and in doing so shows not only his passion for winemaking, but also his true character. The scene was a turning point in the movie, and I found it fascinating. It has stuck with me and I’ve wanted an aroma kit ever since.

My love and understanding of wine has grown and developed exponentially since that movie came out in 1995, but I still strugglewith the best way to describe a wine or identify the various flavors of spice, fruit, floral, etc. There is always so much to learn and discover – another reason to love wine – which has gotten me thinking about aroma kits again. I love expanding my palette and wine tasting knowledge, so I think it’s finally time to get my own.

I found a few different options online, like Wine Awakenings, Wine Enthusiast, and Make Scents of Wine, but I may take Wine Spectator’s advice and just create my own. Do you have an aroma kit or have you ever used one? If so, please share your recommendations.

And if you’d like to watch that scene from French Kiss, please click here.

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  1. The most famous is Le Nez du Vin – you can see it here: and you can get it through Amazon.

    Beware the farmyard scents, that’s all we’ll say…

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