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Spain in Sonoma

July 24th, 2012 | Events, Food & Wine, Recipes & Tapas | 0 Comments

Last weekend was the Catalan Festival at Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards in Sonoma, California, a true celebration of the Spanish way of life. And from the crowds, it was apparent I was not the only one wanting to spend a day in Spain. With the heat, artisans selling their beautiful glassware and leather goods, and the pulsing beat of Flamenco dancers and Flamenco guitarist Eric Symons, we were transported to Las Ramblas, the popular main street in Barcelona, the capital of the Catalan region of Spain. We didn’t even need a passport, though a passport was issued upon arrival, offering a delicious tour through the various wines of Spain, including Tapeña Garnacha.

Try not to be jealous as you read over this menu of tapas we enjoyed while soaking in the views of the gorgeous olive tree-lined vineyards from a cool shady spot on the Vista Terrace: Crab and shrimp stuffed piquillo pepper from ThirstyBear in San Francisco; goat cheese and corn tartlet from The Girl & The Fig in Sonoma; Manchego cheese with quince paste from La Espanola; paella from Jose Castaneda, The Paella Guy; and Tortilla Espanola from Vineyards Inn in Kenwood.

Have you ever attended the Catalan Festival? If not, I highly recommend putting it on your calendar for next year. Or to recreate the feel of Spain at home, whip up some easy tapas and/or paella (recipe here), turn up some tunes from Eric Symons (click here), and pour yourself a glass of affordable, food-friendly Spanish wine. Salud!

National Paella Day

March 27th, 2012 | Food & Wine, Recipes & Tapas, Spanish Culture | 0 Comments

Did you know today is National Paella Day? Any day can be paella day as far as I’m concerned, but it’s nice to see this delicious dish get some extra special love with this national “holiday” of sorts.

Paella gets its name from the very large, flat pan it is prepared in, the paellera. Though it was traditionally cooked outdoors over an open flame, there are many wonderful stovetop paella pans to choose from so it can be readily made in the comfort of your own kitchen. There are many different recipes for Paella and not everyone agrees on what is a purely traditional recipe, but what they all have in common is short-grain Spanish rice and saffron, which gives Paella its distinct flavor and yellowish color.

I’ve had Paella more times than I can count and each time with an array of ingredients, including with squid ink and seafood in Tarragona, a charming city about an hour south of Barcelona, and with pineapple and salmon at the Catalan Festival at Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards in Sonoma. But no matter what ingredients you choose to use, one of the best things about paella is that its size alone means many people can enjoy it. It’s practically a party in and of itself!

And speaking of parties, we’ll be at Costa Brava in San Diego tonight as it’s the first of four upcoming “Spend the Night with a SpaniardMeet ups. Spanish wine, tapas and paella – can you think of any better way to celebrate National Paella Day?

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Visit Spain without Leaving the US

May 19th, 2011 | Events | 0 Comments

As you know from the last post on the Balearic Islands, I’d really love to make it to Spain this summer. Not sure it’ll be in the cards, though. Fortunately, I received emails from two different friends today about events that are going on here in the US that will offer up a great taste of Spain without having to actually leave the country. Though not quite the same as an idyllic island getaway in Spain, these two events will tide me over and help keep my wanderlust, not to mention my budget, in check.

The first, Spanish Paradise: Gardens of the Alhambra starts this Saturday, May 21 and runs through Sunday, August 21 at the New York Botanical Gardens. I’ve never been to the Alhambra, but I’ve studied its complex history and I know how integral the gorgeous gardens are to its design, which was influenced by a mixture of Islamic, Persian and Mediterranean styles. Luckily, I am planning a quick trip to New York in early June so the timing is perfect! I can’t wait to check out this exhibition which will include garden walks with readings from Federico García Lorca’s poems, Flamenco dancing among the flowers, home gardening demonstrations, food tastings and cultural demonstrations, and displays of rare artwork and historical photographs from The Hispanic Society of America’s collections. Sounds lovely!

The second event is the Catalan Festival at Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards from July 23-24 in Sonoma, California. Authentic Catalan and Spanish dishes from many of the San Francisco Bay Area’s best restaurants will be served with Spanish wines, while classical Spanish guitar and colorful Flamenco dancers set the stage with lively performances throughout the weekend. The event will also feature daily paella and cooking demonstrations, with Spanish pottery and traditional foods for purchase so you can recreate your favorite meals at home. Sounds like fun, right?

Making it to either of these events will feel like spending a day in Spain and possibly whet your appetite for a future trip to that festive country. I know they will hold me over for a little while, but a trip to Spain is definitely in my near future. What about you? Any plans to make it there soon?

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